Tracy Coat of Arms

Arms of Tracy of Barnstable, Devonshire
and Stanway, Gloucestershire, England


The shield or escutcheon: Or, an escallop in the dexter between two bandlets gules.
The crest: On a chapeau, gules turned up ermine an escallop sable, between two wings expanded, Or.


Or: The color gold or yellow
Escallop: The scallop shell denoting a
traveler or pilgrim.
Dexter: The side of the shield on the bearor’s right.
Gules: In heraldry, the color red.
Chapeau: Hat or cap
Sable: The color black.
Ermine: White fur.


No family in England can claim armorial bearings more ancient than those of the Tracys. The Tracy Arms were inherited by the brothers, Ralph, Lord of Sudeley and Sir William de Tracy from
their Norman ancestors about the middle of the 12th century.

The Crest is that of the Tracy family and, as the chapeau indicates, is ancient in its origin.  The motto “Memoria Pii Aeterna” translates “The memory of the pious is eternal“, and is displayed below the Arms, but its origin cannot be traced.

The Tracy Crest is ancient and its form indicates that its users won their right to them by personal services in some crusade.  There are but few of similar kind and origin in England.